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Satvatove Institute

Kathleen is president of the board of Satvatove Institute, a nonprofit organization which provides service to people's self-realization with potent, powerful, unconventional programs that can serve to wake us up from our sleep-walking of conditioning that we have undergone since childhood.  

Kathleen has participated in all of the programs listed below, has served on staff at these programs, and has received at least 15 sessions of coaching with David Wold and Marie Glasheen, co-founders of Satvatove Institute, and master self-realization coaches. As president of the board, she advises the Program Manager and uses her business and data management experience to advise on risk management, web development, program development, personell considerations and strategic planning.

She credits her experience in the Satvatove seminars and coaching as catapulting her into a more fearless life that broke away from the conditioning of society that was telling her how she should be living, and what kinds of jobs and ways of existing in this world were acceptable. It gave her a waking up where she could detach from societal expectations and get closer to her true purpose connected to spiritual truth.


The Satvatove Institute facilitates deepening and experiential approaches to self-discovery and identification of your life’s purpose. Satvatove’s programs provide spiritually-based personal and group transformation through empowered communication, courageous introspection and purposeful action. Satvatove seminars are a great way to expand your experience of reading Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living.

3-Day Foundational Course

Transformative Communication, a communication-based foundation for self-realization, forms the basis of this course that operates under the premise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It provides practical exercises and principles for you to master strategies for high-level communication. You will acquire empathic listening skills, conflict resolution skills, and assertiveness that is aligned with the principles rooted in your spiritual truth.  It culminates with the ability to create more honest satisfying relationships, techniques for deepening self-awareness, and strategies for living a life of purposeful action.

6-Day Advanced Seminar Experience

Building on the groundwork of the Foundational Course, the Advanced Course is a highly experiential seminar that has been lovingly designed to help you identify your most genuine, authentic self. You will be supported to realize in a uniquely personal and embodied way what is integrally important to you and deeply recognize patterns that have been running your life. A main objective is for you to gain clarity, identify the commitments aligned with your life’s purposes, and embody the conviction to act on them.

Satvatove 3

This seminar provides a powerful step-by-step way to surrender to your beautiful life, to take the rein as the co-creator of your experience, to optimize this precious life that is yours. Satvatove 3 provides an experience of meaningful and purposeful living.  Here, you can grasp the true concept of what taking full responsibility for your life means and come into a higher state of awareness and remember that you are co-creating everything in your life with a higher power.

Life Coach Training

Principles and Practices of Transformative Life Coaching is a series of interactive courses offering the unique blend of communication skills and powerful transformational methodologies founded on grounded, enlightening spiritual principles.

Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living

Kathleen edited David B. Wolf's book in 2017 to make it easier to reference in the classes she was facilitating aroudn the book. A detailed table of contents, index, more exercises, more content from seminars, a list of quotes and Illustrations by Janhava dasi were added  

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