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About Kathleen

Kathleen is pursuing her Master of Social Work degree at The University of Missouri - St. Louis in the Family Practice concentration to help children and families build skills and resilience to change the trajectory of trauma, and give them nurturing spaces to heal. She has a master's degree from the University of Florida in Soil and Water Science (2005) and worked at UF for seven years managing watershed data and research projects. 


Since 2015 she has focused on creating spaces for self-realization in group courses and individual coaching with an emphasis on interpersonal communication based on her personal transformation in courses at the Satvatove Institute as well as Nonviolent Communication courses. She joined the Gainesville Nonviolent Communication team in 2018 where she manages outreach and teaches workshops (see


Kathleen has facilitated six multi-week training series on self-realization and empathic or nonviolent communication as well as at least 10 shorter (2 to 4 hour) trainings since 2015. She has completed all communication and self realization courses offered by Satvatove Institute including all three semesters of Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching. She has also served as staff for those courses.

Kathleen has given many workshops in the community, including communication workshops at the University of Florida and for Peaceful Paths in Gainesville. She is a life coach and is studying effects of childhood trauma on our consciousness and the body. She loves facilitating small group book study meetings that guide participants in experiential processes creating self-awareness and high-level communication. 


She was editor for the second edition of the book "Relationships That Work," the textbook on conscious communication for self-realization by David B. Wolf, published in 2017. The book focuses on the process of self-realization and personal development with transformative empathic communication tools. She has recently released the audiobook version in partnership with the author, David B. Wolf (July 2019).

Her early background is influenced by being born in Venezuela, speaking another language very young and having a disabled father. The cultural and social challenges have created wider awareness of multi-cultural and multi-capable people, and since then has traveled the world extensively.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Spanish and a Master’s Degree from UF in Watershed Science.  She worked in private, governmental and academic institutions before resigning all employment to work for herself, in 2014. 


Her personal passion is to be in conversation about the human experience of growth with others, whether it is through life coaching, communication training, forest bathing, or writing. A few hobbies include producing original puppet shows, crafting wallets from used coffeebags, organizing assistance to others, ecopsychology, planting trees, data management, environmental awareness/education and civic engagement. 

She is deeply passionate about children and is currently teaching herself about developmental trauma that interrupts the healthy attachment processes in early life.  

Kathleen A McKee
Gainesville, FL 
katamckee  @  gmail

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