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Life Coaching

My coaching approach has empathic reflective listening at it’s core to facilitate expanding your self-awareness. We are each spiritual beings having a human experience, and as a coach, I endeavor to help you expand your awareness of your authentic self.  Whether you have goals related to personal relationships, health, finances, school, career, spiritual life or emotional wellbeing, my aim is to bring the unconscious to the surface - make the unconscious conscious so a path to expansion and success can be laid down.

We each have a perfect light of love inside, and as humans, we each have coverings that keep us protected and safe from feeling things or realizing certain truths. I aim to help you cultivate self-love in this process. As a life coach, I will create a safe, trusting environment for you to experience your experience, and guide you in ways that you can create this for yourself day to day.

My stance is that you are the expert in your own life.  I help you connect to your inner truth by working with you to bring them to the light for you to see, so you can discover for yourself what is driving you, holding you, inspiring you, protecting you or pushing you. Together we will uncover things that were previously difficult to see including beliefs, desires, coping strategies, power sources and emotions. And I will work to help you be gentle with yourself in this process. Reflective listening is a powerful tool for self-discovery, and I am skilled in advanced empathic listening. This is a type of mirroring which is a key to self-discovery, and I may offer loving feedback as another type of mirroring.

Together we may develop an action or a practice for you between sessions. I offer email contact for checking in between sessions as well. Sometimes it may be a suggestion of how to communicate to others or to yourself! 

Some other principles that I work with are:

  1. We are usually much more powerful than our current awareness.

  2. If we can tap into BEING who we are, doing and having will naturally flow from that.

  3. All emotions are acceptable, and to keep flowing in our lives, they are to be experienced fully.

  4. Even as we want things in our lives, we want to be conscious of being emotionally attached to having those things, and recognizing that the emotional attachment is what causes suffering if we do not get it.

  5. We are responsible 

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