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My core service is life coaching with a loving trusting presence athat allows space for you to explore your experience and inner field, as I call it. I gently guide you to new vantage points and possibilities for living more consciously and assertively that generates more self love.


Take advantage of deeply transformative courses in conscious communication and self realization.  Webinar on Childhood Developmental Trauma.



Editing books, developing book study guides, helping Satvatove and planting trees.


Realize Your Nature is an endeavor by Kathleen to connect to her art, gifts and purpose. She worked at the University of Florida until 2014 when she realized her career as a research coordinator and database project manager was fighting against what was really calling her, and that was to create alternative and deeper ways of communicating. She enrolled in Satvatove courses and started connecting to what she needed, and that was to stop and take a break and allow things to emerge from absence.  

What has emerged is life coaching, conscious communication training, childhood trauma research and continued interest and dedication to nature connection and ecopsychology.

Kathleen, as a life coach provides years of experience in corporate and academic work environments as well as many aspects of science and research. 

This is balanced out with her years of exploration of Eastern thought and practice incluing Tibetan Buddhism and Bhakti Yoga, with reading of spiritual texts. 

Kathleen provides a healthy balance of real world experience, spiritual presence and life coaching and communication expertise.  

CONTACT Kathleen

Kathleen A. McKee, M.S.

Gainesville, FL 32609

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